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Adding time on a Job

Adding Hourly Time to Jobs

  1. While you are on the job, click the ‘Time’ tab and click ‘Add Time

  2. Once there, you will be taken to the Time Entry for Job page. If you have entered a crew on this job they will automatically populate on this page, if not you can click ‘Add Employee Time Record’ and select whichever resource worked this job.

  3. Once your resources have been added to the job, you can begin to add their time. Simply choose the date, enter the start and end time, and choose the time Rate that needs to be applied. You can also select individual items for each time entry record with this time entry method if you want to keep track of time by item. If you need to add time for multiple days, click the green plus sign on the right hand side of the resource. This will add a new line for the resource that you can edit

  4. Once you are finished adding the information you need click the ‘Save’ button on the top of the page


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