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April 2019


  1. Gross Profit on Profitability Tab

    1. Gross profit values will now display on the Profitability tab on the job page.  

  2. Added information to the Sales Compensation Report

    1. Invoice dates and customer names will now be included in the list of jobs drawn by this report. Also, a line has been added to the bottom of the report to total any columns with currency values.

  3. Updates to Invoice Summary Report

    1. Invoice Summary Reports will now include payment dates. The Invoice Summary is currently at it maximum capacity of columns that are able to print on one page and still be legible.  For this reason, the invoice summary report will be modified to allow the user to select the columns from a list of available columns they would like to return in the results. JobPro will remember each users column preference so that you do not need to select these columns each time the report is run. PDF exports will export the same columns selected.

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