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Can I Accept Payments Through JobPro?

Yes! JobPro partners with a company called Payscape that allows your organization to accept payments directly through your JobPro system. If you are using this feature within JobPro you can accept payments at two different points.

  1. When proposals are sent with the eSign feature, you can require a deposit payment. They will be notified that a deposit is required when they are on the eSign screen and they will automatically be taken to a pay screen once the proposal has been signed.

  2. When you email a customer their invoice, you have the option to allow them to make an electronic payment. This option will give the customer a link for payment when they open the link to their invoice.

This feature does have additional fees through Payscape. If you are interested in getting this set up for your organization, contact JobPro Support and we will be more than happy to send you more information.

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