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Change Orders

If there are some additional items that need to be added to the job and you wish to bill the customer, you will need to use the Add Change Order Bid Button.

  1. The ‘Add Change Order Bid’ button can be found on the ‘Change orders’ tab within the job.

  2. When you click the button you will be asked to select an office for the job and a starting template to use.

  3. By clicking submit you will create your change order bid.

    1. You will notice that the original bid name stayed the same with the addition of CO A.  The CO stands for change order and the A means that this is the first change order for this job, if you add another change order to this job then the bid name will be followed by CO B.

  4. The change order itself will look very similar to a normal bid with one exception.  The finalize change order button shown below is way you tell the system that you are done creating the change order.  When this button is clicked, the items from the change order will be added to the job processing tab in the job phase.

If you have already created an invoice for the job before you added the change order, you will need to create another invoice for the added items.  If you would only like to have one invoice for the job, you will need to delete the first one you created and generate a new one.

  1. If for any reason you have finalized your change order and decide it is no longer needed. You have the option to remove it from your job by choosing to ‘Un-Finalize’ it. Simply select the Change Order you would like to ‘Un-Finalize’ and click the ‘Unfinalize Change Order’ button.

  2. Once clicked, a message will appear asking if you are sure you’d like to ‘Un-finalize’ this change order. Click ‘OK’. This will remove the change order items and pricing from the job.

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