Configure Attachments allows you to add attachments to your proposals, work orders, and invoices. 

  1. To access this, navigate your mouse over the settings dropdown and select ‘Configure Attachments

  2. On this page you have the ability to add attachments by clicking the add attachment button at the top left of the page.  A popup window will appear allowing you to search your computer’s files for attachments you may want in your system.  The attachment’s description will help you further identify the document you are adding for future reference.

  3. Once you have added your attachments, you page will look something like what you see below.

  4. If you would like to have the option to select a document on a proposal, simply follow the row over and click the check box under proposal document.  This also applies for work order documents and invoice documents.  If you would like this document to always be applied to one either a proposal, work order, or invoice; click the check box under the document you would like it applied to and then click the check box under attachment required.

  5. When you are ready to generate one of these documents, a popup window will appear allowing you to select which attachments you would like to added.  This popup window can be seen below.