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Creating an Invoice

  • When you are ready to create an invoice, locate your job by searching for a job. (Details on how to do this can be found in Jobs ).

  • Once you have found the job, navigate to the ‘Job Processing’ tab.

  • Switch your view from ‘Job Materials’ to ‘Job Invoices'

  • Choose ‘Create New Invoice’ to add an Invoice.

  • A new screen will pop-up where you can choose to invoice the job entirely or just in part.

    1. To invoice all items, you can simply click the green ‘100%’ button located in the ‘All Jobs’ section.

    2. You can partially invoice your job in a few different ways

      1. You can invoice by a percentage, by entering the total percent in the ‘Invoice %’ text box

      2. You can invoice by a total price, by entering that total amount in the ‘Invoice Amount’ text box

      3. Finally you can invoice by each line item individually by either clicking the green ‘100%’ button or by including the total percentage you’d like to invoice.

  • Click ‘Create Invoice’ to finish the process.

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