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December 2018

  1. WIP Report

    1. Status can be configured to be omitted on the WIP report.  This feature can be helpful for jobs that are cancelled because they would never be invoiced and take out of WIP.  Contact JobPro support if there are any job status you would like to omit from the WIP report.

  2. New Bid Worksheet Set Zoom Level

    1. We have enhanced the new Bid Worksheet with the ability to set a zoom level that adjusts the font size for the entire page, allowing more items to be visible without scrolling. JobPro will save a user’s individual settings in their browser’s storage so that the system will remember the user’s zoom preference.  To modify your zoom preference, click the actions dropdown on the bid worksheet and select zoom in or zoom out

  3. Add Collapse All Button to New Bid Worksheet

    1. On the new Bid Worksheet, a “Collapse All” and “Expand All” button has been added to the action dropdown. This button will collapse all items or expand all items on the page.


  1. iPad Scrolling

    1. JobPro was experiencing a bug where the scrolling feature on the new Bid Worksheet was not working appropriately. On an iPad, it was jumping back when scrolling to the right side of the page. You can now scroll in any direction on an iPad without experiencing any issues or scrolling jumps.  The zoom level adjustment will also assist in controlling the amount of information on the page and limiting the scrolling.

  2. Add Ability to Create Change Order from Options to New Bid Worksheet

    1. Users will now have the ability to create change orders from unselected options on the new bid worksheet.  This will assist in saving time in creating a change order from an option the customer did not originally approve.

  3. Update Group Name

    1. We have fixed a bug that would automatically change a Group into an Option when updating the Group name. The group will no longer revert back to an Option when updating the Group’s name. 

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