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Edit Customers

The Customer Page has twelve tabs that display information connected to your customer.

  1. Main

    • This tab allows you to:

      • Change Customer Name

        • This allows you to edit and change your customer’s name.

      • Set Status, Preferred Payment Method, Tax Status, Category, Assigned to/Salesperson, Office, and Next Call Date, Add Account #, Company contact info, etc.

  2. Address

    • This tab allows you to update the Customer address.

  3. Contacts

    • This tab allows you to add any contacts for this customer.

    • Simply click ‘Add Contact’ and you will be taken to a new window where you can add your new contact information.

    • Once you have your information entered, click ‘Submit

  4. Appointments

    • Within this tab you have the ability to add appointments. This can be anything like a meeting or planned dates to visit the job site. These appointments will display in your appointments calendar.

  5. Invoices/Payments

    • This tab displays a list of Invoices and Payments that have been connected to this customer.

    • You have the option to ‘Add Payment’, export a ‘Customer Statement’, or export a ‘Customer Job Balance Report’ through this tab.

  6. Properties

    • This tab displays any Properties connected to this customer.

    • To add a new Property click ‘Add Property’

    • This will take you to a new window where you can enter the new Property information

    • Once you are finished adding your information, click ‘Submit

  7. Jobs

    • This tab displays any Job that is connected to this customer

    • To view a job, simply click ‘View

  8. Bids

    • This tab displays any Bids connected to this customer.

    • To view a Bid simply click the ‘Bid Name

  9. Data Sheets

    • This tab displays any Data Sheets that have been entered and connected to this customer.

    • To view a Data Sheet click the ‘Name

  10. Notes

    • Any notes you have added to the job will appear in this tab

    • You can also add new notes here by entering your note in the text box and clicking ‘Add Note’

    • Once a note has been added it CANNOT be deleted

    • if a note has been added, the ‘notes’ tab will be highlighted yellow

  11. Documents

    • Displays all documents that have been uploaded for this Customer.

    • Click ‘Add Document’ to upload a saved file.

      • Once your file has been chosen you have the option to add a description in the textbox to describe the file.

      • You can also email any uploaded documents by clicking the ‘Email’ button next to the document you’d like to send

      • If you need to remove a document, simply click the red X to the right of the document you’d like to remove.


  12. Reports History

    1. Contains any report that has been created for this Customer

      1. Within this tab you have the option to either print the results by clicking the ‘Print’ button, or export the results into an Excel workbook by clicking ‘Excel

When you are finished editing the Customer, be sure to click ‘Save’ or ‘Save and Return’ to save your work.

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