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Editing a Template

There are three tabs that allow you to edit information displayed within the template.

  1. General – Allows you to edit the basic information about the template

    1. Starter Templates will appear on the add bids screen and convert datasheet to bid screen. This allows the template to be selected by default. When this field is set to “no” the template must be manually imported.

  2. Template – Allows you to add or subtract items included within the template

    1. Items you have entered are displayed on the left. To add a new item click ‘New Item’. To update an item, click update items

    2. You can enter the default measurements/quantity and override the default price if desired

    3. The items you have added to the template are displayed on the right. To remove and item, click the red X

    4. The ‘Create Option’ button allows you to add options to the template. The ‘Create Group’ option allows you to add a group to the template.

  3. Bids Using Template – Displays the bids where this template is currently in use.

When finished, click ‘Save’ or ‘Save and Return

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