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February 2019

  1. Tech App Update

    1. Prior to this update, jobs were populated in the tech app if an employee was assigned to the crew on the job for that day. With this new update, salespeople will also be able to see any jobs that are assigned to them and scheduled for that day. 

  2. New Columns Added to the Invoice Summary Report

    1. We have added a few new columns to the Invoice Summary Report. Starting with this update, job ID, use tax, and labor overhead will be added to the columns displayed.

  3. New Complete Process Button

    1. The processing complete button that is normally found on the job processing tab is being copied to the profitability tab.  Both job processing buttons, will function the same but will be more convenient to users who want to close the job from the profitability tab, adding efficiency to the system.

  4. Changed to Default Job Splitting

    1. When a job is created from a bid, users have the option of creating a single job with all items included in the bid worksheet, or splitting the job into work orders based on selected groups. The default selected option is to create a single job with all items on the bid worksheet. Users will now have the option to have the default selected option be to split by work orders. This will be set through company settings. Please contact JobPro support if you have any questions and would like to set up this feature.  

Bug Fixes

  1. Financial Information in New Scheduler

We have identified a bug where information was not being passed to the scheduler properly from the financial section of each job. Jobs are currently only displaying revenue. This has been corrected and will be included in this update. 

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