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February 2022

Enhancements and Updates

  1. Invoice Email Verbiage

A new enhancement has been added that will allow you to fully customize the message that is sent in the Invoice Email. Previously, the email message looked like this:

Dear (Customer Name),

Please see the attached document.

Thank you,

Now, you have the option of changing this verbiage to fit your company‚Äôs needs. If     you are interested in updating this message, please contact JobPro Support today!

2. Global Search Cursor

When you log into your JobPro account your cursor will now be defaulted into the Global Search field.

This will allow you to easily begin typing within this field without having to click anything first. The cursor will remain within this field whether you yield search results or not, making it easy to type and search again if the results you were looking for do not populate. If you have any questions about this new update, please contact your JobPro Support Team today!

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