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Installed Material

This report gives you a quick look at material that has been installed on the jobs within your organization. You can filter your results by Item Category, Office, Installed Date, Progress, Job Name or ID, and if the items have been locked or not. The report will display the job number, Salesperson, the Item Name and Category, the proposed vs. installed amount, and the Proposed vs. Actual cost. The Installed Material Report is helpful when you need a quick glance at the rate a specific item is being installed on a specific job or multiple jobs across your organization

  1. To access the Installed Material Report navigate to the ‘Reports’ dropdown on the main menu and click ‘Installed Material Report

  2. From here you can fill out any necessary filters you would like to apply and click ‘Run Report

  3. After your report runs, you have the opportunity to Print or export your report to an Excel workbook.

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