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January 2019

  1. Commission Aging

    1. Commission calculations will be enhanced to support deductions to the total commission amount owed based on the number of days after the due date that the invoice is paid.  The commission reduction plan will apply to all branches, employees, and commission plans if configured.  The commission amount shown on the Profitability tab will display the commission amount as if the job is paid on time without any deductions.  When the final payment has been added and the job is paid in full, JobPro will update the commission amount on the job to reflect any deductions.  The sales compensation report will only show jobs that have been paid in full and will always reflect any deductions if the organization is configured to pay commissions when the invoice is paid in full.

    2. An example of a commission reduction could be for invoices paid between 60 and 90 days after the due date receive a reduction to the commission plan’s commission rate of 1%.  The number of days outstanding will apply to last invoice’s due date if the job is invoiced more than once and the date paid will come from the date the final payment is added.

    3. To override the calculated deductions, the user can update the invoice’s due date or set the commission override on the profitability tab.  By updating the invoice’s due date, the user will in effect reduce the days outstanding so that deductions are not applied.  By setting a commission override on the profitability tab, the override will ignore the commission plan table as well as the commission reduction plan table and only report the commission displayed in the override.

    4. Please contact JobPro support if you have any questions and would like to set up this feature.

  2. Distribution of Overtime

    1. Currently in JobPro, overtime is only added to the payroll report and overtime pay is not distributed back to the job for job costing.  With this update, when the payroll period is closed, the overtime pay amount will be distributed to the jobs in the payroll period.  The overtime will be distributed weightily based on the total hours worked on the job in comparison with the total hours for the week for each employee.

  3. Equipment Filtering on Scheduler

    1. Equipment will be filtered on the scheduler based on the existing office filter.  Equipment can be linked to an office on the equipment’s page.  Default crews will also be filtered based on the office associated to the crew which can be seen in the settings dropdown – System Configuration – Standard Crews.

  4. Bid Worksheet Modifications (Updates only apply to the new bid worksheet)

    1. When creating an option, the system will default the option as not included.  The customer will need to approve the option through eSign or the salesperson will need to select the option if it shall be included on the job.

    2. The bid checklist can be required to be completed before the user can generate the proposal.  Contact JobPro Support if you would like to turn on this option.

    3. Proposal will generate on a new tab rather than downloading to the user’s computer. 

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