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January 2020

  1. Update Invoice Email

    1. The default subject line on the invoice email can now be controlled at the organization level.  The current default subject line in the invoice email is “Invoice #xxxxxx”.  Contact JobPro support to let us know what you would like to add as a prefix to the current default subject line.  An example of a new default subject line is “ABC Insulation Invoice #xxxxxx”.

  2. Search Jobs on Tech App

    1. Currently, users only have access to jobs that are scheduled to them for that day.  Users would need to use the date toggle arrows to navigate to prior or future dates to view a different job.  JobPro has added a search job feature to the tech app that can be turned on to certain users with a permission.  Contact JobPro support if you would like this feature turned on.  Tech users would then have access to search jobs that are assigned to them on any date in the past or future without needing to use the date toggles to find the job.

  3. Referral Source on Report Builder

    1. The referral source is now available as an exportable field for jobs on the Report Builder.  The referral source on the job is set from the referral source on the corresponding bid.

  4. Change Option Name on Template

    1. Users now have the ability to change the name of an existing option on the template.  On the template tab on the template page, click the Rename button next to the option to rename it.

  5. AIA Document

    1. JobPro can now generate an AIA document from the Job Information tab on the job page.  Shown below is an example AIA document with labels as to where the data is populated from in JobPro.  The fields with numerical values have descriptions below.


  1. Application No is a new field added to the job information tab on the job page

  2. Period To is the new AIA Period to date on the job information tab on the job page

  3. Original Contact Sum is the bid total from the original bid for this job

  4. Net change by Change Orders is the total of all approved change orders for the parent job and any other work orders

  5. Contract Sum to Date is the combination of the original bid total plus or minus any approved change orders

  6. The Total Completed and Stored to date is the invoice total for all invoices associated to the parent job as well as any of the associated work orders

  7. This is the total retainage amount from any invoices associated to the parent job or any work orders created from the parent job

  8. JobPro currently does not track and store stored material values in the system, therefore, this field will always be 0

  9. This field will also match the retainage total

  10. This field will be the invoiced total minus any retainage invoices

  11. This field is currently not populated by JobPro

  12. The current due is the invoice total minus retainage minus any existing payments

  13. The balance to finish is the total quote amount including change orders minus existing invoices and retainage invoices.  This should be the amount left to bill.



A: Row count

B: Each work orders name

C: Quote amount for each work order

D: Invoice total from invoices create prior to the AIA Period date for each work order

E: Invoice total from invoices create after the AIA Period date for each work order

F: This field is currently not populated by JobPro

G: Total of column D plus E plus F

H: Result of column C minus G

I: Retainage total for each work order

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