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January 2021


  1. Groups on the Insulation Certificate

Previously, on the insulation certificate, the ‘Work Area’ displayed any bid notes added to an item. Now, JobPro has added an update that allows these items to also be displayed according to Groups. The ‘Work Area’ will display the group name first and any bid notes added to the item will appear directly after. This allows users to display their items in the same group settings that appear on the customer’s proposal.

2. Subdivision Filter

A new filter has been added to the Job Profit report that will allow users to search for specific jobs according to their subdivision information. This new feature is located within the search fields directly beneath the ‘Customer Name’. Simply enter the subdivision name and click ‘Run Report’. This will generate a report that contains any job that includes the subdivision information.


3. Restricting Items from the Job

If you use large templates when estimating, you may be interested in a new setting JobPro has added. This new setting will restrict any item on a bid that does not have a quantity entered from being transferred to the job. Ultimately this will help to get rid of unnecessary clutter from appearing on the job. If you have any questions or are interested in having this setting configured for your organization, please contact JobPro Support.

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