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June 2019


  1. Sync Priority Notes between work orders

    1. An optional new feature is to sync priority notes between linked work orders.  Priority notes entered in one work order will be automatically added to the linked work orders so that they all match.  If you would like this feature turned on, please contact JobPro support.

  2. Updates to Scheduler

    1. Priority notes have been added as an available field to display on the job on the scheduler.  Users can also edit calendar events from the scheduler by right clicking on the job and clicking edit.

  3. QuickBooks Integration Validations

    1. A requirement from QuickBooks is that the contacts associated to a customer on an invoice must have a name in order for the invoice to export correctly.  JobPro has added a validation check to warn the user if the invoice has a contact without a name before attempting to export the invoice.

  4. Updates to Payment Method Dashboard

    1. The payment method dashboard widget has been updated to include a salesperson and date filter.

  5. Technician App Time Entry

    1. The clock in/clock out buttons on the technician app have been updated to display as Start/Stop.

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