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June 2021

Enhancements and Updates

  1. Show estimated labor on items on Tech App

JobPro can now display estimated labor for each item on the materials tab on the tech app.  The estimated labor amount that is displayed is calculated from the estimated quantity times the actual labor rate to display, by item, the amount of labor the crew should receive.  This feature is optional, contact JobPro Support if you would like this feature turned on.

2. New Sales Report

In the Reports dropdown, under Summary Reports there is a new report option called Sales Report.  This report combines the data from the Invoice Summary Report with the grouping capability of the Aging Report.  Users will have the ability to build a list of invoices grouped by either customer or item category for reporting.

3. Deleting documents used as attachments

If a document is selected as an attachment to a proposal that is emailed, the attachment document will be locked so that it cannot be deleted later.  The restriction to delete documents will only apply to those used as attachments with proposals that have been emailed.

4. Limit Bid Statuses on Bid Aging Report

JobPro can now automatically filter out bids in certain statuses from the Aging Report when run by the Bid Method.  The Bid Method of the Aging Report allows the user to see the aging of bids from when they were created.  Bids converted into jobs are already omitted from this report, but certain end statuses are also important to filter out to make this report beneficial.  Since all JobPro customers can have their own unique list of statuses, end statuses are not filtered out by default.  Please contact JobPro Support so that we can configure your end statuses to omit them from the Aging Report by Bid.

5. Maximum Deposit Percentage

The maximum deposit percentage for a bid was anything less than 100%.  This function has been updated to include 100% so that deposits can be for the full quote amount.

Bug Fixes

  1. An issue regarding editing events on the scheduler has been addressed to allow any time slots to be selected.

  2. Scheduling jobs from the scheduler will update the estimated start date and final date scheduled used on the search jobs page.

  3. Material cost displaying on job processing tab have been corrected for foam items showing far greater costs than the actual material cost.

  4. When importing a template to a bid, the item’s yield will be appropriately added for quantity calculations.

  5. When moving items on the bid worksheet, the group names will now match the display order they are in on the bid worksheet rather than be in alphabetical order.

  6. The Inventory Breakdown at the bottom of the bid worksheet has been updated to exclude unselected options.

  7. The status update trigger to update the bid’s status when a change order is finalized is active.

  8. Rounding on the bid worksheet has been corrected so that extra pennies will be accounted for if they cannot be evenly distributed.

  9. Apostrophes would often double up into quotation marks (") in certain areas of JobPro. We have this resolved to where it will only stay a single (') mark in the system.

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