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March 2020

  1. Tech App Update

We have updated the Tech App to allow users to enter in like items as a group. You can still add entries as before, but there will be new buttons that allow you to enter materials for items as a group. The new buttons are located in the upper left of the materials screen, seen below.


The first button will allow the user to group like items. This will combine items based on their names. The next button controls the order the items appear on the page, whether by their name or their Item Type.

2. WIP Report Update

We have added a new filter to the WIP report, located in summary reports, for As Of Date. Please see below:


Entering a date in this field will allow the user to see what data would have been pulled on this date in the past.

3. Added Account Number to Customer Search

We have added a field to the Customer Search page that will allow you to search for a customer by the account number assigned to them. This should allow the user to more efficiently find the customer they’re looking for. This number can be assigned to a customer on the customer’s page, seen below:



  1. Revisions on Job Close Rate Widget

We have updated the Job Close Rate Widget to ensure that bid revisions will not populate as additional bids. As a result, bid revisions will no longer increase your total number of attempted bids, more accurately portraying attempted vs closed bids.

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