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May 2021


  1. Alternates

Alternates give users the ability to add ‘alternate’ options to specific items or groups. This can be viewed as an “Upgrade/Downgrade” or a “Good/Better/Best” option for your customer to choose from. The key difference between Alternates and Options is JobPro is that Options add to the existing base quote while Alternates will replace specified items. When using the eSign feature within JobPro, your customers can choose which option they want within their electronic proposal. Once the approval is signed, the system will update your bid with the appropriate items for the work order. For a more detailed look into Alternates, a link to our Alternates Tutorial on YouTube is listed below. If you have any questions about Alternates contact JobPro Support today. 

2. Bid Due Date on Search Page

Users can now filter their Bid Search by Bid Due Date. This newest update to the Bid Search Page includes a filter that will allow you to choose between a start and an end date you would like to search between. This feature can be used in concurrence with any other filter available on the Bid Search Page.

3. New Report: Missing Install Date

A new report has been added to JobPro that allows you to search for any items that have actual materials entered on a job and are missing an Install Date. You can filter your results by Job Status and by Office. The results will display the Job ID, Job Name, Item that is missing the install date, and the Customer connected with the Job. This report was created to help you find and amend these items so that any reports that rely on this data will be fully up to date.

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