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November 2019

  1. Alphabetical Menu Dropdown

    1. You asked and we listened. Dropdown menus have now been made alphabetical, to make finding exactly what you need simpler. This applies to the main dropdowns in the upper left of JobPro.

  2. Commissions Column added to Invoice Summary Report

    1. The Invoice Summary Report has been updated to include an additional column. It will now appear to the right of the Balance column. This new column will display the total commission for a given invoice, and will be on each row that is generated when the report is run. This new column will also be generated on Excel and PDF printouts of the report.

  3. Duplicating Groups/Options

    1. JobPro now has a way to quickly and easily duplicate any group or option on a bid worksheet. By using the menu button in the upper right corner of the box surrounding a group/option, and selecting the “Copy” button, you can copy all items within a group/option, and get a new group/option that has the same name as the original, with (copy) listed after. This will be useful for large jobs that may have very similar groups.

  4. Option to Remove Item Descriptions

    1. New to JobPro is an option to not display item descriptions in the “Available Items” box on the bid worksheet. The Available Items section located to the left of the bid worksheet could often get cluttered by larger item descriptions. As a result, we have included the option to only display item name and category in this box when searching for items to add to your bid. These descriptions will still show when an item is added to the worksheet, they will just cease to be in the box for each item in the “Available Items” box.  Please contact JobPro Support if you would like to hide the item descriptions from the available items section on the bid worksheet.

  5. Office Filter added to Template Search

    1. Now, when searching for templates via the Search Templates page, you can choose an individual office, to find templates specific to your branch.

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