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November 2020


  1. Revision Name Update

Currently when creating a revision to a bid, the revision is named after the original bid. A setting has now been created that will allow users’ revisions to be named directly after the bid it was created from rather than referring back to the original bid name. If this is a setting you would like configured for your organization, please contact JobPro support.

2. Footage Pay Labor Update

If your company pays labor on estimated footage and uses the payroll report to calculate the total labor owed, then please check out this feature. One potential issue with the way the JobPro is currently configured is that if the job calls for 100 bags of fiberglass and the crew installs 10 on the first day, then the system will pay that install for the 100 bags on the first day because the installer is paid on the estimated footage. There is also potential for the payroll report to report more labor than is owed if the job spans more than one pay period. A new setting has been added to JobPro to account for this scenario. With this setting, JobPro will calculate labor based on the actual footage entered on the job as the job is being completed. In the example above, if the installer installs 10 bags on the first day then they are paid for the 10 bags. The installers continue to be paid on the actuals entered until the job is processed. When the processing complete button is clicked, JobPro will then compare the current actual labor to what should have been paid based on the estimated footage and apply the correction to each employee on the job. At the end of the job, if the installer installed less material than was estimated then they should receive a bonus, so the labor meets the estimated labor amount. If, at the end of the job, the installer installed more material then they will receive a deduction record. At the end of the job, the total labor owed will equal what the system calculated before, the benefit of this report is to be able to partially pay employees as the job is being worked on. Please contact JobPro Support if you have any questions and would like this feature turned on.

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