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Projected Job Profit Report

This report gives users an overview of your organizations projected profit. Results can be filtered by SalesPerson, Office, Job Status, Job Type, and scheduled date. The report displays the Job name and customer, total quote amount, a breakdown of the material and labor costs, the SOV percent complete and total dollar amount, and your projected profit percent and total. This report allows you to see the proposed and actual totals of your jobs as well as how much of the job has been completed, giving you a quick overview of where your profit stands.

  1. To run this report navigate to the ‘Reports' dropdown on the main menu and click ‘Projected Job Profit Report

  2. Enter any necessary filters and click ‘Run Report

  3. Your results will appear beneath the search criteria.

  4. After your report runs, you can print or export it to an Excel workbook.

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