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What are Next Call Dates?

Next Call Date is a feature in JobPro that allows you to set a reminder to reach out to the current or potential client. These reminders can be set for Datasheets, Bids, or Jobs and are sent to the assigned resource. When they are set, Next Call Dates will send an alert directly to the resource’s email inbox and their dashboard (if they have the ‘Alerts’ widget set up).

  • To set a next call date navigate to the Datasheet, Bid, or Job that you wish to set a reminder on and click on the ‘Main’ or ‘Information’ tab. The Next Call Date data field is located near the bottom of this page. Simply click the calendar icon and choose the date you would like to set for the alerts. Click the ‘Save’ Button at the top of the page to save your information.

  • Once the Next Call Date is set, JobPro will send an email alert to the assigned resource everyday until it has been resolved. In order to stop these alerts, the date will need to be cleared from the Datasheet, Bid, or Job. Simply delete the date from the Next Call Date field and click ‘Save

Video Tutorial:

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