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How is Job Profitability Calculated?

The job profitability tab can seem daunting at first glance. This page is meant to ease that stress by outlining where the information comes from within your system.

Proposed vs. Actual

  • The proposed totals you see displayed on your profitability tab come directly from the original bid. The quoted amounts for revenue, material costs, and labor costs can be found within that original quote.

  • Actual totals are calculated based on entries made on the job processing page. The calculations for the material and labor actuals are explained in more detail below.

Material Costing

The material cost for your items are based on the item type assigned to your item.

  • For foam items, JobPro takes the quantity entered on the Job Processing tab, converts it to the set amount (using the yield set up on the item type) and multiplies that number to the set cost that is set on the item type. Thus giving you the actual material cost.

  • For non-foam items the material costs come from the ‘Actual Material Cost' set directly on the item.

  • If there is not an Actual Material Cost set the material cost will default to the ‘Estimated Material Cost’ on the item.

Labor Costing

  • For Fiberglass and other items, the labor price comes from the ‘Actual Labor Cost/Piecerate Pay’ that has been set on each item within your job.

  • If you do not have an ‘Actual Labor Cost/Piecerate Pay’ set up for an item the labor price will default to whatever is set in the ‘Estimated Labor Cost’ on the item.

  • For Foam items, JobPro does not look at the Actual Amount of foam installed, we take the estimated board footage and multiply that by the actual or estimated labor cost depending on if they have it set.

  • There are two other places Actual labor is pulled from.

    • The Time Tab

    • Any bonus labor amount added to the item on the job processing tab


The commission on the profitability tab is calculated based on the commission plan set for the salesperson assigned to this job.

  • If there is no commission plan set, the totals here will equal 0.

  • If the commission has been split between multiple salespeople, the split in commission will be calculated by the job’s revenue and gross profit being split between each salesperson based on the percentage on the bid.  The split totals are then applied to each salesperson’s commission plan to determine the amount owed for each salesperson. For more information on how the commission split works and is set up see Commission Splits

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