Using Foam Items from Inventory

To ensure that you are properly using the foam and inventory, we will show you how important setting up your equipment in inventory is. The trucks that you load your drums on will need to be managed from the Foam Management page in order to use foam items correctly on a job. The steps below will show you how to properly set this up. This is a vital step for using foam in inventory.

  1. Navigate to the Foam Management page. (Entry ----> Foam Management).

  2. Instead of selecting a Warehouse this time, select a truck or van that you need to put drums into and select Add Drum.

  3. Next, select the drum you want to add to this vehicle from a specific Warehouse. The serialized numbers will help you keep up with what type of foam you are using.

  4. Now your Equipment will reflect that you have a set on the truck and that equipment is ready for use on a job. You can do this for as many trucks as you need if you have items available in your inventory to move. We will revisit this portion to show you what happens when you schedule a job and a crew uses this equipment.

Using Foam on a Job

As previously stated, in order to use foam from inventory on a job your equipment must be set up correctly. If you followed the steps above, you should be ready to use foam. We will walk you through the steps here.

  1. On your job, the first thing you will want to do is click Add Crew.

  2. Now select the correct equipment that has the foam you need to use for this job, then click Save.

  3. Your equipment has now been added to this job, go to the Job Processing tab. Select Installer underneath the item you are planning to use and you will see the equipment that you just added to the job.

  4. Once the installer is in place, you will select the Drum Serial # Used. These drums will be the only drums that you placed on this truck in the Foam Management page.

  5. Insert the amount of foam you used (strokes, inches, etc.) and the date you used it and click the plus icon.

  6. Now that foam has been used on this job, head back to the Foam Management screen (Entry---->Foam Management) to look at what happened to this set on your truck. You can see that instead of having a full set, you have a portion of a set on this truck. Click Manage.

  7. Click Manage this drum. If your job is completed and you are done using this drum, you have a variety of options. You can adjust the quantity (make edits to the current amount on this truck), Return to Warehouse (send it back to the warehouse) or Pour-Up Into Another Drum (combine the current drum with another in this unit). You can only combine like materials if you decide to pour into another drum. Or you can leave it on the truck if you’d like.

  8. If you select Return to Warehouse, it will ask if you want to transfer this entire drum back to the warehouse OR Pour-Up Into Warehouse from whichever warehouse you have selected. If you know you have partial drums that need to be poured up into in your warehouse, you can easily do that here. It is important to remember that you can only have 1 set per drum. The easiest way to remember this is by thinking 1 set is = 100% of the drum being full. Once that is done, the drum should disappear. This will complete the foam usage in inventory walkthrough.


A few other notes on foam usage and drums.

  • Once a drum is depleted (put to zero) it is removed from your inventory.

  • A drum cannot go over 1 set.

  • Drums will always need to be serialized to track for inventory.

  • Keeping your trucks constantly at full capacity will help with transfers and pour-ups.

  • Foam Management will need to be constantly updated for new drums and serial numbers.