Now that you have entered your non-foam items into inventory, they are ready for use within a job. You will create a bid, per usual, then create the job with the required items. The bidding process is no different with inventory turned on in the JobPro System. Follow the steps below to properly use our Inventory setup.

  1. Once you have created a job from your bid, you are ready to source non-foam items. All your non-foam items are going to appear in the Sourcing tab.

  2. In this tab, you can see the items that need to be sourced. You can see the needed quantity of this item for this job, and how much of each item you have on hand in your Inventory by Warehouse.

  3. Your next step is to schedule these items. You can auto-schedule all items for a specific date or you can schedule by each individual item you have on the job. For our guide, we will schedule by individual item. Put the quantity required in and the date it’s required by. Click the green plus sign. *

    1. Side note – if you have a partial non-foam item and decide to auto-schedule all, it will round the item up to the next whole number. If you schedule by individual item, you can choose the quantity you want to schedule for the job*

  4.  The next step is where you will create a purchase order or a pick list. If you have items in your warehouse, you can do a pick list. For our example, we will create a pick list since we have items available in our warehouse. Click Ok.

  5. Here is the Pick List Entry page, your items that were needing to be picked for your specific job are available here. Click the plus button on the right-hand side. This adds the items to the order. You will then click Create Pick List.

  6. This will populate another pop-up window. The Warehouse and Office are not something that you can change, but you can add a PO Number or Name if you would like. Hit Create Pick List.

  7. Once you create the pick list, you will need to receive the items to the job. You can click the popup and it will take you directly to the Pick List page.

  8. From there, you will need to go to the items tab and receive your items. Return to the General tab and click the job to return to the job page. Once there, head back to sourcing and check the Scheduled/Sourced/Received status. They all should be 100%.

  9. Now you can enter your actuals for your job; this is like the normal process for entering actuals on a job. You can do this from either the website or the technicians app.

  10.  Once all your actuals are entered for the job, you must reconcile the material before you complete processing. You can either waste the material (which will add it to job costing) or you can return them to inventory.

  11. Once that is done – you can complete processing. After the job is completed, you may want to return your items to inventory. Go the Search dropdown, then select Return Parts.

  12. Click the item you want to return to inventory (or you can return it to the supplier) – and type the number you would like to return and hit return to inventory. You will need to repeat this process for returning items to inventory. You can do it daily, monthly or weekly – it is entirely your preference.