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WIP Report

The WIP (Work In Progress) is a report that displays open jobs that are in progress within your organization. There are three separate methods available that determine when a job is added to the WIP report. When using the Estimated/Received method, jobs will be placed on the report as soon as the Job is created. With the Actual method, jobs appear as the material is installed. Finally, the Actual/Received method will display jobs that have had material installed or received on a PO. Across all methods used, jobs will be removed from the WIP report once the job has been invoiced.

This report will display the Job information (ID, Name, Type, Status, Total) along with the WIP information (Material, Labor, Mileage, etc.) and Invoice information (Material, Labor, Mileage, etc.). Results can be filtered by Salesperson, Job Status and Type, Office, Method, As of Date, and how you want to group them.

You can export this report into an Excel File by clicking on the Excel icon in the top right hand side of the page.

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