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What is the Complete Processing Button and Why is it Important?

Have you ever seen the Complete Processing button on the Job Processing or Profitability tabs and wondered what it actually does? You might be surprised to learn that this button not only affects the job, but many reports within your JobPro system.

What Does the Complete Processing Button do?

Once this action is taken, the job you are working on will be locked. This means that you can no longer make any changes to this job that will affect the job’s profitability. You can not enter any more actual material and labor costs or job expenses. If you find that the job was completed before it was supposed to be, you can unlock it through the ‘Unlock Processing’ button. If this button is not available to you, you may need to contact your administrator to unlock it for you. If you are the administrator and do not have this option, you will need to contact JobPro Support to have this permission turned on for you.

When should you complete processing?

This is completely up to you, as long as it is after all costs (material, labor, expenses, etc.) have been entered. You can choose to complete processing as soon as the costs are added to the job or after you’ve created the Invoice. An important thing to note, is that the date that you click the ‘Complete Processing’ button is what will reflect later on the reports that use this information.

What reports are affected by completing processing?

The following reports require the processing to be complete on jobs before they will appear in the results. For more information on each of these reports, click the included links.

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